Why Headless CMS?

  • Traditional monolith CMS system are coupled together with UI and backend. Headless CMS decouples it and provide APIs which can be connected from any website, IoT devices to manage content

Directus Ecosystem

Directus API

  • provides dynamic API for MySQL database
  • written in PHP and used Zend-DB for database abstraction
  • https://github.com/directus/api

Directus Application

  • For non technical users to manage content
  • Written in vue.js
  • https://github.com/directus/app

Directus Suite

  • Both API + App
  • https://github.com/directus/directus
  • opensource suite of softwares for managing content in databases
  • API – wraps SQL databases with dynamic APIs
  • Admin App – vue.js app for admins to manage content