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Building Dojo Toolkit


  • Build system for JavaScript resources and CSS files
  • Dojo build refers to concept to the concepts of minification, optimization, concatenation and “dead-code” removal.

Building Dojo Toolkit Involves

  1. Consolidates multiple modules into a single JavaScript file (Layer)
  2. Interns standalone template strings into Javascript files
  3. Minify the size of layers by removing white spaces, line breaks, comments and shortening variable names
  4. Copy build files to standalone directory (server deployable ready)


Ivy Dependency Manager – Apache Ivy for build system

Ivy Dependency Manager – Apache Ivy is powerful Dependency Manager for build system which is integrated with Apache Ant.

  • Apache Ivy is powerful Dependency ManagerĀ for build system
  • Integrated with Apache Ant
  • Build dependencies can be defined in ivy-file

Two type of XML Files in Apache Ivy

  1. configuration files – Indicate where it can find dependencies
  2. ivy files – to describe dependencies of your module