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Ivy Dependency Manager – Apache Ivy for build system

Ivy Dependency Manager – Apache Ivy is powerful Dependency Manager for build system which is integrated with Apache Ant.

  • Apache Ivy is powerful Dependency Manager for build system
  • Integrated with Apache Ant
  • Build dependencies can be defined in ivy-file

Two type of XML Files in Apache Ivy

  1. configuration files – Indicate where it can find dependencies
  2. ivy files – to describe dependencies of your module


Arcgis server proxy

ArcGIS Server Proxy – using proxy page

ArcGIS Server Proxy

Server side code that runs on application server. It intercepts traffic between ArcGIS web application client and ArcGIS server.

Why ArcGIS Server Proxy ?

  • Browser limit of URL length for GET requests (JavaScript API)
  • To use token based authentication
  • Put Business Logic in Proxy, logging etc.
  • Hide ArcGIS server details from client ( IP Address, rest interface)

How to use ArcGIS Server Proxy in web application?

  • Define the location of proxy in client application. ( object of esri/config module)
  • = "<url_to_proxy>" = false;
  • Can also set proxy-rule – If the request URL matches a rule, then the request will be routed through the proxy (object of esri/urlUtils module)
              urlPrefix: "",
              proxyUrl: "<url_to_proxy>"

What ArcGIS Server Proxy ideally should not to use for?

  • De-serialize requests of images (MapCache, dynamic layers)
  • The geometry, since it will impact performance. Get & pass a String directly.